Miami artist Odalis Soto was born in Havana, Cuba and lived in Santa Fe, a small coastal town, until the age of ten. In 1970, Odalis and her family migrated from Cuba to the United States and settled in Tampa, Florida.

Odalis has always drawn from life and from a young age she received private lessons from accomplished artists, Mario Santí, Cuban sculptor, and Juanita May, American ceramic artist.

Odalis and her family live in Florida where she teaches and practices her art.

Visual Thinker

The pieces I make are to communicate my experiences, views, and thoughts, presenting images I see in my mind. This motivation comes from daily living and memories triggered by present sound, noises, and people.

As a visual artist, my interest in art is from an observational point of view. I enjoy the process of seeing, the building and the deconstruction. It is similar to a meditative state; a dialogue between the artwork and myself.

© Odalis Soto 2016